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Yoga for Seniors

Golden Yoga

Chair yoga with a

Gentle flow using props

It is often said, "you are as young as your spine." Come and practice with me to gain steady posture and maintain your health. Using slow and gentle movements we will work on your balance, flexibility and range of motion. Gentle stretching, twisting, and bending movements bring

flexibility to the joints and muscles of the body, as well as massaging the glands and organs. Circulation is also improved, ensuring a rich supply of nutrients and oxygen to all the cells of the body. 

Seniors may sit in a chair or use it as a support tool.  I will work with you to find what is best for your situation. 


Nursing homes

Community centers

Private spaces.

Group class: $10 per person

Private session: $50, 1/hour (within 15 miles)

Multiple week, per class pricing can be arranged.

Contact me to see how I may best serve you!

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