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Rebecca enjoys sharing her passions and helping other women live fuller, richer lives.  She understands the ebb and flow of marriage, parenthood, work, and play.  Invite her to come and speak to your group in order to learn more and grow in new ways!

Topics are as follows:


Learn what it means to set an intention.  Why it's important and how to do it.  Understand the modern buzzwords of mindset and concept of energy and how they affect your life as a wife and mother.  Most importantly, learn how to use this information to craft your decisions and your day.

All about tea

Learn all about the history and cultivation of tea.  I will share with you the differences, origins, and flavors of oolong, green white, black and "herbal" teas.  You will have an opportunity to see and taste a variety of teas. As a bonus, I'll talk about cooking with tea and provide great recipes.


I will share with you the foundational aspects of meditation. A novice approach is applied for everyone to be comfortable. Learn:

  •  Why you should meditate.

  •  What all the styles of meditation are.

  •  Practical application and practice of how to meditate is presented.


Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga. One of it's strongest roles is to prevent disease and maintain health. I will share with you what it is and how it is relevant to our modern life. This is a general overview of a deep and ancient practice. Begin to understand your dosha and how to apply the ayurvedic practices to your daily routines, align with nature, and which food and spices to consume for optimal health. 

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